Bio Frank W. 7 kisses and I’m married, isn’t that the story of my life? Frank W. is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands, living in Berlin, singing in english, pretty useful english even. The songs he writes and then sings deal with all kinds of stuff. Lots of unhappy love of course, but also dental hygiene, the break-up of boy band Take That (the good news is: they're back together, so they probably will break up again some day...), religion, eating disorders, you name it. He has put out one CD, he's even put out tapes (remember tapes, anyone?) and he's been meaning to record a new CD for a while now. He's won prizes, but never a really big one that allowed him to retire to a ranch on a lake. He's played in lots of places: packed tents at festivals, half empty pubs, weddings, three-quarter full pubs, deserted pubs, political campaign meeting (leftish, usually), the Strøget in Copenhagen, and at lots and lots of campfires. He's available for all kinds of events, but he doesn't really sing songs writen by other people, much, well maybe if you pay enough. If that doesn't give you an idea who he is, there's always the songs. Picture is by Paul Little