Songs is what the website is about really, so I would say the most interesting stuff willl eventually be there. Whether works in progress, old stock, or live takes, there should be a fair bit of stuff there, but like I said, eventually. Forever coming back Frank W. This is the still relatively new website for Frank W. This means some of the buttons may still point to empty pages. This also means there is only English available, for the time being anyway. Frank in the Double Inn (2),  Already a mainstay in the Barrelmen calendar (see Barrelmen) Frank is now more or less regularly to be seen solo in the Double Inn. On the 9th of Feb is the next one. The atmosphere is relaxed and Frank plays a mix of Irish, Scottish and his own stuff. Great stuff to listen to with a beer or one of the huge selection of whiskies they have on offer. Contact - for the time being,  please use frank.willemsen [at] to get in touch. Will add more contact details on the Bio page soon. Photo in the header by Jason Gulledge, the one on the left by Michael Rhys. As I am not a really good photographer, or a very good model :) I thought it might be a good idea to benefit from what others have put on Flickr with a Creative Commons license that allows this kind of re- use. Check it out, they have some nice stuff there New site opens with old stuff To have some interesting things to put on the site before newer material becomes available I have started uploading some of my songs from the exremely limited edition CD “Fighting Breed” to Soundcloud. These are song from before the still available CD “East of the Atlantic”. Even though they are a bit older, I still like to play some of them from time to time. Have fun. Don’t listen to your mother:
Don't listen to your mother by Frank W.